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DIANA Markovits

Diana is the kindergarten director and head teacher. Diana has a 3 year Diploma of Teaching/Early Childhood (equivalent to a 3 year bachelor) and Kindergarten Program Provider (KPP) approval. Diana has been teaching for 34 years and at Cooroy Community Kindergarten for 32 of those. Before teaching, she was a local and international nanny, chambermaid, pantry maid at Eton College and clothing store owner. Diana writes fiction for children and young adults in her spare time.

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Our education assistant Angie, has a two year diploma in Children's Services. Angie can often be found having a cup of tea with the children while they play picnics, she is an expert at building forts and amazing rope walk challenges.

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Wendy our educational assistant has a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood. She is affectionately known by the children as Wendy Wednesday.